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Event Consultation

Planning on your wedding >attires
& grand venue is now easier than ever.

Don't hesitate, we're here to help you plan!

Bridal Attires

Custom exclusive wear for your wedding events. We're now designing for both bride and groom!

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Venue Decoration

Choose your decoration as your requirements.
From Gaye Holud to Reception, we got you covered.

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Planning your designer bridal attire?

For the past 7 years, 
we’ve designed 200+ custom bridal wears for our customers.
Check out our best work and contact us to plan yours now!

Discover Bridal Trends Now!

For orders through FB messenger/Whatsapp, select/screenshot your photo & share it with us.

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We listen carefully & dig deep into your requirements
& only then start planning on your project. 

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Waseka Nowshin
Waseka Nowshin
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Safia apu did an exceptional job in my Nikaah. can’t thank her enough for the enthusiasm she showed. She designed my exclusive outfit which went with the decorations perfectly
Tarikuz Zaman Khan
Tarikuz Zaman Khan
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Brilliant ideas and extra ordinary execution on timely manner.
Parisha Alam
Parisha Alam
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Safia made my dream come true! When I went to her she already knows how I want everything. I really loved her work and the way she works. She is kind, generous, modest and beautiful by heart. Best of luck

All of your questions, answered here!

Please reach us via Facebook messenger
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We primarily use a combination of muslin, silk and georgette. Bride can show us sample and we’d design accordingly.

A full customized designer bridal wear may take somewhere between 1 to 3 months. 

We advice our client to show sample to get an estimated cost of the bridal dress. Each design differs from each other.

Sure, just let us know beforehand, we’ll work as your requirements. 

Yes, our outlet location is : House No : 32, Road No. 43, Gulshan 2 ,Dhaka

Our support team is waiting to answer your queries.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Contact: info@safiyasathi.com

Planning your
dream event decoration?

The best way to experience your dream day is by
having your wedding venue neat and minimal.

Let’s check our previous decoration works
& start planning yours from today!

Let's discuss on
decorating your wedding venue.

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journey so far!

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a few words
about our journey.

Hi there & thank you for dropping by! 

I am Safia Sathi. A couturier, costume stylist and an entrepreneur. My prolific career in last 7 years ranges from making custom-made designer bridal wears to once in a lifetime wedding event decoration. From designing as a hobbyist in late 2012, I started to realize what I needed to pursue and what inspired me the most. Thus the designer in me flourished. Fast forward to 2015 and onwards, Happy Events by Safiyasathi (event planning & decoration) came to light and we are growing steadily ever since. We are a team of 20+ hard working people who would work day and night to make your dream come true. 

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32, Road no. 43.
Gulshan 2, Dhaka

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