Hi, I’m Safia Sathi; couturier, costume stylist and an entrepreneur. My prolific career in last 7 years unleashes from making custom designer bridal wears to once in a lifetime wedding event decoration. From designing as a hobbyist in late 2012, my friends & family admired and inspired me to pursue designing custom bridal wears. Fast forward to 2015 and beyond, Happy Events took off place and we’re growing steadily ever since. We’re a team of 20+ people working day in and out to make your dream come true.

We can help you with designing custom bridal wear as your requirements. Our process includes one on one meeting to first understand how you aspire your wedding dress to be. Our team then provide you with samples and upon approval we get going the manufacture wheel. On average it takes around 1 month – 2 month to deliver your dream custom bridal wear. 

Come work with us and see it yourself! 

My Passion

I grew up with a dream that I will become a successful entrepreneur. I cherish a desire to empower a plenty of people through my venture. We have very few designer houses or brands which providing quality stuffs but those are not enough to fulfill customer’s demand. And as our boutiques are not following global trend or I think there have a gape in between customer’s demand and their designing plan that’s why mass community run after indian clothes or comparatively reasonable imported products like shalwar kamiz set, or kamiz pieces. As a nation with so many resources we need to produce more fashionable garments and try to create some internationally famous designer house . From that point of view I started my journey as a wedding attire designer back in 2017.

In Bangladesh we have very few designers who engaged themselves in this sector, so most of would be brides have to depend on imported products or they have to go India or pakistan to shop their wedding stuffs. From 2017 – 2019 I have delivered more than 100 designs to the bride for their wedding and reception days. I have done market research and I know what the demand of customer is.  Now it’s time to go for mass production and reach out customers from all over the country. I have planned to export my design in UK as well. I dream to be a go to brand for Asia community. If I tell the truth, people will find me a day dreamer. I dream to be an internationally famous designer. I am self-motivated and I have passed a long way towards my destination. 

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